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Masterprogram, ljus, design och hälsa (TLDHM), Utbildningsplan för kull HT2010

Senast ändrad: 2011-06-09
Godkänd: 2011-06-09

The program Architectural Lighting Design and Health is based on the quality descriptions for Degree of Master, two years (Higher education ordinance, issued by the Swedish national agency for higher education).

After completing the courses’ requirements the students must be able to demonstrate the following knowledge, skills and judgments.

Kunskap och förståelse

  • Broad and deep scientific based knowledge in the area of electrical light and daylight
  • In-depth and thorough knowledge in the area of Architectural Lighting Design and Health
  • Ability to apply advanced knowledge in the area, both professionally and scientifically.

Färdigheter och förmågor

  • Independent ability to identify, formulate, analyze and solve problems in the area of Architectural Lighting Design, for electrical and daylight solutions.
  • Ability to perform all phases of the design process to the development of architectural lighting design projects, for outdoor and indoor environments, following the KTH method.
  • Ability to apply advanced techniques and tools in the area.
  • Ability to present and communicate results in an international environment.
  • Ability to develop scientific work.

Värderingsförmåga och förhållningssätt

  • Ability to independent and critical analysis of results in the area.
  • Show a professional and ethical responsibility in scientific, technical, ecological and social activities.
  • Have understanding that Architectural-related problems, considered from a design, building and urban perspective are often complex, can be incompletely defined and sometimes contain conflicting conditions.