Last edit: 13/01/2020
Approved: 13/01/2020

General admission requirements and the following special admission requirements must be fulfilled in order to be admitted:

• a Swedish or foreign degree equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree of 180 ECTS credits, with a level in Mathematics and Computer Science equal, or higher, than that of the following courses at KTH:

- SF1624 Algebra and geometry,

- SF1625 Calculus in one variable,

- SF1626 Calculus in several variables,

- SF1901 Probability theory and statistics,

- DD1337 Programming and

- DD1338 Algorithms and Data Structures.


If the number of applicants exceeds the number of places, there will be a selection from the following criteria:

1. Evaluation of university.

2. Grades from previous study.

3. Motivation to study.

The evaluation scale is 1-75.