Spår, fartygsstrukturer och offshore (MEGA)

This study track, given at NTNU, gives you a strong foundation for design of any type of ocean structure, from conventional ships to offshore structures. It also deals with marine operations like pipelaying, towing and use of cranes on mobile platforms for installation of subsea modules. The study track is discipline based and includes groups of courses within marine environment, environmental loads, effects of loads, structural capacity and marine cybernetics.

Spår, passagerarfartyg (MEGB)

This study track, given at Aalto, gives comprehensive overview of the different aspects related to the design, analysis and optimization of passenger ships. The conflicting interests of various stakeholders (passenger, ship owner, shipyard) will be addressed during the studies, and you will be forced to create a solution that satisfies the stakeholder's preferences.

Spår, fartygskontruktion (MEGC)

In this study track, you will be part of a project team and work with a problem oriented and realistic ship-design project with a company from the maritime industry as the “customer”. You will be part of a student team guided by professional engineers from industry and faculty members from Chalmers. The initial design process prior to an order of a new ship is covered during the project following the demands of the customer. The project will take place during the second year and you will utilize and link together knowledge from all the marine engineering courses of the first year.

Spår, fartygs operationella förhållanden (MEGD)

In popular terms the definition of this study track is that it mainly deals with naval architecture and maritime engineering from the point of view of the ship owner, i.e. it deals with ships at sea. You will learn to apply rational methods in analysing and optimizing the performance of ships (container ships, tankers, bulk carriers, ro-ro ships etc.) with respect to safety, efficiency, economics and environmental considerations. The track is given at DTU.

Spår, snabba fartyg (MEGE)

In this study track you get the opportunity to apply and deepen your general maritime engineering knowledge and skills from year one, in the study of specialized craft such as high-speed craft and underwater vehicles. In team based multidisciplinary projects you will face the challenges involved in conceiving, designing, implementing and operating several different types of craft, and thereby develop your theoretical understanding, your systems thinking, and your engineering design skills.