Appendix 1: Course list

Master's Programme, Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems, 120 credits (TMESM), Programme syllabus for studies starting in autumn 2018

General courses

Year 1

Mandatory courses (60.0 credits)

Course code Course name Credits Edu. level
MJ2411 Renewable Energy Technology 6.0 Second cycle
MJ2412 Renewable Energy Technology, Advanced Course 6.0 Second cycle
MJ2414 Energy Systems Analysis in an Environomical Context 6.0 Second cycle
MJ2415 Project in Energy Systems Analysis 12.0 Second cycle
MJ2416 Microeconomics and Energy Markets 5.0 Second cycle
MJ2417 New Perspectives on Material Science and Technology 4.0 Second cycle
MJ2418 Sustainable Energy and Environment 5.0 Second cycle
MJ2497 Energy Efficiency and Rational Use of Energy 5.0 Second cycle
MJ2498 Energy Resources 5.0 Second cycle
MJ2499 Technological Entrepreneurship , Business Plans and Communication 6.0 Second cycle

Supplementary information

First study year at KTH or UPC

Year 2

Mandatory courses (48.0 credits)

Course code Course name Credits Edu. level
MJ240X Degree Project in Energy Technology, Second Cycle 30.0 Second cycle
MJ2502 Industrial Dynamics of Innovation in Combined Energy Systems 6.0 Second cycle
MJ2503 Small Scale Polygeneration 6.0 Second cycle
MJ2504 Integrated Project of the Year in Sustainable Energy 6.0 Second cycle

Conditionally elective courses

Course code Course name Credits Edu. level
MJ2383 Energy System Economics, Modelling and Indicators for Sustainable Energy Development 6.0 Second cycle
MJ2405 Sustainable Power Generation 9.0 Second cycle
MJ2420 Combustion Theory 6.0 Second cycle
MJ2434 Advanced Refrigeration and Heat Pump Technology 6.0 Second cycle
MJ2440 Measurement Techniques 3.0 Second cycle
MJ2460 Green Building - Concept, Design, Construction and Operation 6.0 Second cycle
MJ2462 Achieving Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings 6.0 Second cycle
MJ2477 Energy Policy and Planning 6.0 Second cycle

Supplementary information

Courselist information is based upon the curriculum for academic year 2017/18, changes may occur.

MJ2504 "Integrated project of the year in sustainable energy" 6 credits must be taken by all students admitted to TMESM regardless "study track"/partner University. (period 1-4)

Two of the conditionally elective courses corresponding 12 credits must be chosen.

Year 3