Last edit: 04/04/2013
Approved: 04/04/2013

Study programme established by committee STH 21010-10-20

Valid for students admitted to the education from HT 2011

The programme corresponds to the two final years of the five year engineering program in Medical engineering at KTH and has as a goal to educate the future engineers for working at the border where technology and medicine meet.

A master from the programme in medical engineering will have the knowledge to within the field of medical engineering both analyze and solve problems as well as thinking in an innovative way.

Beyond the objectives which are specified in the Higher Education Degree Ordinance, there are also specific goals for this programme. After completing the programme, the student should have:

Knowledge and understanding

  • a deep insight in the field of medical engineering
  • a broad knowledge about anatomy, physiology and medical terminology as well as an understanding of the different needs for technical solutions in the healthcare
  • knowledge about scientific tools for analyzing, working on and valuing facts as well as understanding how knowledge evolves in natural science, technology and social science

Skills and abilities

  • ability to, both independently and in a group, put knowledge and abilities into practical action, with consideration to relevant scientific, professional and sociological judgments and opinions
  • ability to identify, formulate, analyze and solve problems with regards to current circumstances (scientific, engineer-related, and social) based on ethical and professional standpoints
  • skills in presentation and communication, especially regarding the healthcare, such that good prerequisites for efficient work are achieved individually as well as in a multinational group

Ability to make judgments and adopt a standpoint

  • a professional and ethical responsibility in scientific, technical, ecological and social activities
  • understanding that engineering-related problems, considered from a system perspective are often complex, can be incompletely defined and sometimes contain conflicting conditions
  • a will to follow and use the development of knowledge in the field of medical engineering