General courses

Year 1

Conditionally elective courses

Code Name Credits Edu. level
KD2150 Inorganic Materials Chemistry 7.5 hp Second cycle
KF2130 Polymer Chemistry 7.5 hp Second cycle
KF2140 Polymer Physics 7.5 hp Second cycle
KF2450 Fibre Technology - Natural and Synthetic Fibres 7.5 hp Second cycle
KF2460 Bio Fibre Chemistry 7.5 hp Second cycle

Supplementary information

Study year 1 consists of two mandatory courses, at least three of the conditionally elective courses and recommended courses.

The courses KF2110 and AK2036 are mandatory courses for all students admitted to the program, except students admitted to program with a background  at the Degree Programme in Materials Design and Engineering (CMATD), which instead must follow the courses: KD1090 and AK2036.

Year 2

Supplementary information

Study year 2 consists of recommended courses and a mandatory degree project, second level, 30 credits.

Under the title "Conditionally Elective" the Degree Projects is listed.

One of the Degree Projects have to be chosen.