Programme objectives

Master's Programme, Macromolecular Materials, 120 credits (TMMMM), Programme syllabus for studies starting in autumn 2018

Last edit: 14/06/2018
Approved: 14/06/2018

Knowledge and understanding

To receive a Degree of Master of Science in Macromolecular materials, the students should:

• demonstrate general knowledge and understanding concerning properties and use of different materials, including knowledge and understanding of material related environmental aspects.

• demonstrate in-depth knowledge on how macromolecular materials are build-up from molecular level to macroscopic level and the relationship between structure and material properties.

• demonstrate knowledge on synthesis/modification, characterization, processing and applications of polymer and/or fibre-based materials.

• have insight into the current research front in macromolecular materials including the role of materials in a sustainable society.

Skills and abilities

To receive a Degree of Master of Science in Macromolecular materials, the students should:

• demonstrate the skills to develop polymer and/or fibre based materials and the ability to identify, formulate and manage current and real material related problems drawn from industry, society and research, taking into account the potential and limitations of different raw materials, processes and materials and the goals of sustainable society.

• demonstrate the ability to make assessment of the reasonableness of the obtained solutions, and compare and evaluate alternative solutions.

• demonstrate laboratory skills and knowledge of safe chemical managing, and the ability to implement and evaluate material related experiments on a laboratory scale.

• demonstrate the ability to orally and in writing present and discuss ideas and outcomes and communicate them with persons with and without technical scientific background.

• demonstrate the ability to effectively work as an individual and as a team member to plan and implement projects within a given timeframe.

• demonstrate the skills to use computer tools for information retrieval.

Ability to make judgments and adopt a standpoint

To receive a Degree of Master of Science in Macromolecular materials, the students should:

• demonstrate the ability to critically review the literature and technologies in areas related to materials chemistry and particularly polymer and fibre-based materials.

• demonstrate the ability to take a stand on issues of an ethical nature in their professional field.

• demonstrate an understanding for the fact that material related problems can be complex, incompletely defined and contain contradictory conditions

• demonstrate the ability to judge material related social, environmental and working-environmental aspects

• demonstrate the ability to rapidly acquire knowledge in new areas and to apply new knowledge for innovation and development of materials and related processes