Last edit: 22/07/2011
Approved: 22/07/2011

General admission requirements

A completed Bachelor’s degree, equivalent to a Swedish Bachelor’s degree (180 higher education credits), from a university recognized by the Swedish government or accredited by some other recognized organization. A good knowledge of written and spoken English.

Specific admission requirements

The prerequisites for the Master's programme in Media Management is a Swedish or foreign degree equivalent to Bachelor’s degree of 180 higher education credits in computer science, media technology, information technology, human-computer interaction, or similar program with an engineering or science profile, alternatively a Bachelor’s degree in social science relevant to the scope of the programme. 

Applicants must also provide proof of basic programming skills and good knowledge in English, equivalent to Eng B (Swedish school system). 

Selection process

The selection process for the Master’s programme in Media Management is based on a total evaluation of the following selection criteria: university, grade point average (GPA), course work related to the programme, motivation letter and working experiences.
The applicants must be prepared to participate in a phone interview.

Further information

Complete information on the eligibility requirements can be found in the local admission policy of KTH, see