Last edit: 22/07/2011
Approved: 22/07/2011

Media management focuses on the development and commercial operation of media products and services aimed at a consumer market, and the programme therefore offers courses giving relevant knowledge regarding technology, content, production, distribution, market understanding and enterprise management in the media industry and related areas.

The main objective of the programme is to provide students with the skills required for managing media enterprises, preparing them for advanced industrial positions or continued graduate studies. 

Knowledge and understanding

The Media Management programme will give the students:

  • basic knowledge and ability needed to – using relevant methods – successfully, independently and in groups solve the organizational, technological, market and management related problems and challenges in the development, production and marketing of media services and products and in managing commercial media activities,
  • knowledge regarding current technology, technology development and operational practices for media production, distribution, and consumption,   
  • knowledge on how to explore business opportunities and make strategic business decisions in the rapidly changing media industry environment.

Skills and abilities

The Media Management programme will give the students:

  • skills to critically and independently identify and formulate complex situations and problems and to evaluate different technical, organizational, and commercially viable solutions, 
  • skills to continue research education on postgraduate level,   
  • ability to plan and use relevant methods to carry out advanced tasks within given frames with respect to human requirements as well as to the demands from society concerning economical, social, and ecological development, 
  • work efficiently in a team environment together with people from different scientific and disciplinary background,   
  • communicate with scientists and with persons active in practical operations in a competent manner, both orally and in writing.

Ability to make judgments and adopt a standpoint

After completing the programme, the student will be able to: 

  • critically assess a problem and in an independent manner acquire the information and knowledge that is necessary to establish a qualified opinion,  
  • have the ability to identify the need for further knowledge in the field and take responsibility for keeping her/his personal knowledge up to date.

In addition to this the similar objectives for master degree defined in the Higher Education Ordinance (Högskoleförordningen) are applicable.