Track, Lightweight Structures (MRSA)

In this track you have the opportunity to combine fundamental principles of naval architecture with knowledge about modern composite materials and sandwich structures and related design principles and manufacturing methods. Sweden has been a fore runner in the application of such material concepts in large ship structures and KTH has internationally leading research in this area. What you learn in this track is useful for working with ship structures as well as with aerospace, automotive and other kinds of lightweight structures.

Contact person for the Lightweight Structures track is Dan Zenkert,, 08-7906435.

Track, Fluid Mechanics (MRSB)

This track develops your fundamental understanding and working skills in uncompressible fluid mechanics, which is the basis for the flow around ships, boats and marine installations. The governing set of partial differential equations, the Navier-Stokes equations, are derived, dissected, simplified and solved. The fundamental principles of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and modern computational tools are introduced. In hands-on projects you will work with modelling and solving real fluid mechanics problems. The knowledge you gain in this track is applicable in ship hydromechanics as well as in general fluid mechanics problems.

Contact person for the profile Fluid Mechanics track is Luca Brandt,, 08-7906870.

Track, Management (MRSD)

This track gives you the opportunity to complement your technical skills with knowledge of financial, organizational and managerial aspects, and develop your understanding of the concepts of sustainable development from environmental, social and economic viewpoints. Emphasis is on the ability to manage and control projects, strategies for sustainable development, and management tools and systems analysis methods. The track gives a good foundation for employment as a manager for companies and projects within the maritime sector as well as in other sectors.

Contact person for the Management track is Monika Olsson,, 08-7906150.