Programme objectives

Master's Programme, Materials Science and Engineering, 120 credits (TMSEM), Programme syllabus for studies starting in autumn 2009

Last edit: 12/03/2010
Approved: 15/03/2010

Beyond the objectives which are specified in the Higher Education Degree Ordinance, there are also specific goals for this programme. After completing the programme, the student will:

Knowledge and understanding

• Have a broad knowledge about materials as well as processes in order to be able to develop and manufacture new materials and products

• Have a deepened knowledge within the chosen specialisation

• Have knowledge such that he/she will be able to work within the material related industry within research/development as well as in production and manufacturing

Skills and abilities

• Be able to identify, formulate, analyse and solve problems with regard to current circumstances (scientific, engineer-related, and social) based on ethical and professional standpoints.

• Show developed abilities to synthesize and implement skills within materials as well as processes

• Have a good ability to utilize modern modelling and simulation methods and their applications

• Have skills in presentation and communication such that good prerequisites for efficient work are achieved individually as well as in a multinational group.

Ability to make judgments and adopt a standpoint

• Show a professional and ethical responsibility in scientific, technical, ecological and social activities.

• Have understanding that engineering-related problems, considered from a system perspective are often complex, can be incompletely defined and sometimes contain conflicting conditions.

Reference to the local degree ordinance of the Royal Institute of Technology (The KTH Regulations).