Appendix 1: Course list

Master's Programme, Molecular Techniques in Life Science, 120 credits (TMTLM), Programme syllabus for studies starting in autumn 2018

General courses

Year 1

Supplementary information

Fall semester 2018, Courses organized by Karolinska Institute

5MT005 Genetics 5 credits

5MT006 Frontiers in translational medicine 16,5 credits

5MT008 Applied communication 7 credits

5MT007 Applied programming for life science 1 1,5 credits

Spring Semester 2019, Courses organized by Stockholm University

DA7062 Applied programming for life science 2 1,5 credits

KB7016 Bioinformatics 7 credits

KB7015 Structure and dynamics of biological membranes 7 credits

BL8060 Methods in molecular life science 7 credits

KB8019 Comparative genomics 7,5 credits

Year 2

Conditionally elective courses

Supplementary information

Fall Semester 2019, Courses organized by KTH Royal Institute of Technology 

Study year 2 consists of mandatory courses, two of the conditionally elective courses and the degree project, second cycle, 30 higher education credits.

Conditional courses, 2 out of three should be selected

Systems biology

Drug development

Project in molecular life science

Spring semester 2020


Degree project, second cycle 30hp, see the list below.

5MT004 Degree project, Molecular Techniques in Life Science - KI

BL9065 Molecular Techniques in Life Science, Degree Project - SU