The following courses are part of study year two.

The course application codes and study periods are valid for the academic year 2015/2016. For other academic years, different application codes and study periods may apply.

General courses

Course list: Information is based upon the curriculum for academic year 2014/2015. Changes may occur.

Select one or maximum two of the Non-technical conditionally elective courses, for example EH2030, EH2720, EH2790, DH2620, DT2112, ME1003, ME2043, MJ2410, LS2304, LS2336, LS2349, LS2326 for your degree.

Track - Robotics and Autonomous System: Conditionally elective course I, select at least one of: EL2620, EL2520, EL2450

Track - Robotics and Autonomous System: Conditionally elective course II, select at least 3 of: EQ1220, DD2380, DD2427, DD2429, DD2431, DD2432, DD2459, DT2118, EN2300,EQ2300, EK2350, EK2360, MF2007, MF2043, SF2950, SF2943

Track - Electrical Energy Systems: Conditionally elective course, select at least 3 of: EL2620, EJ2301, EG2110, EJ2201, EQ1220, IS1200, EK2350, EK2360, EH2741, EL2421, EH2745

Track - Networked Control Systems: Conditionally elective course, select at least 3 of: EP2200, EQ1220, EL2620, EP2520, EP2500, MF2043, MF2007, II2302, IL2212, EL2520, DD2427, DD2431, MF2044, SF2852

Track - Systems and Control Theory: Conditionally elective course, select at least 3 of: SF1628, SF2832, SF2842, SF2852, EQ1220, EQ2300, EQ2400, EQ2820, EL2421, EQ2800

Elective courses, all tracks (complement up to 120cr)

Mandatory courses

Course code and name Appl.code Scope P1 P2 P3 P4
EL2220 The Sustainable Systems and Control Engineer 3.0 hp 0.5 0.5 0.3 0.2
AK2036 Theory and Methodology of Science with Applications (Natural and Technological Science) 7.5 hp 7.5
EL2745 Principles of Wireless Sensor Networks Track - Networked Control Systems, compulsory 7.5 hp 7.5

Conditionally elective courses

Course code and name Appl.code Scope P1 P2 P3 P4
EH2720 Management of Projects 7.5 hp 7.5
ME1003 Industrial Management, Basic Course 6.0 hp 6.0
DH2620 Human-Computer Interaction, Introductory Course 6.0 hp 4.0 2.0
EH2030 Business Development and Quality Management 7.5 hp 7.5
DT2112 Speech Technology 7.5 hp 7.5
EH2790 Requirements Engineering, Introductory Course 4.5 hp
LS2304 English C1 9.0 hp
LS2326 German B2 9.0 hp
LS2336 French B2 9.0 hp
LS2349 Spanish B2 9.0 hp
ME2043 Leadership in Cross-Cultural Context 6.0 hp
MJ2410 Energy Management 6.0 hp

Recommended courses

Course code and name Appl.code Scope P1 P2 P3 P4
DD2380 Artificial Intelligence 6.0 hp 6.0
DD2429 Computational Photography 6.0 hp 6.0
DD2431 Machine Learning 6.0 hp 6.0
EL2310 Scientific Programming 7.5 hp 7.5
IL2206 Embedded Systems 7.5 hp 7.5
SF1628 Complex Analysis 6.0 hp 6.0
SF2940 Probability Theory 7.5 hp 7.5
DD2387 Program System Construction Using C++ 6.0 hp 4.0 2.0
DD2425 Robotics and Autonomous Systems 9.0 hp 3.5 5.5
DD2435 Mathematical Modelling of Biological Systems 9.0 hp 6.0 3.0
DD2464 Bigger Advanced, Individual Course in Computer Science 9.0 hp 4.5 4.5
EH2741 Communication and Control in Electric Power Systems 6.0 hp 3.0 3.0
EJ2201 Electrical Machines and Drives 6.0 hp 3.0 3.0
EJ2301 Power Electronics 6.0 hp 3.0 3.0
EL2421 Automatic Control, Project Course 15.0 hp 7.5 7.5
EQ2310 Digital Communications 9.0 hp 8.5 0.5
DD2418 Language Engineering 6.0 hp 6.0
DD2447 Statistical Methods in Applied Computer Science 6.0 hp 6.0
DT2140 Multimodal Interaction and Interfaces 7.5 hp 7.5
EK2360 Hands-On Microelectromechanical Systems Engineering 7.5 hp 7.5
EL2620 Nonlinear Control 7.5 hp 7.5
EP2500 Networked Systems Security 7.5 hp 7.5
EQ2300 Digital Signal Processing 7.5 hp 7.5
II2302 Sensor Based Systems 7.5 hp 7.5
MF2043 Robust Mechatronics 6.0 hp 6.0
SF1811 Optimization 6.0 hp 6.0
SF2832 Mathematical Systems Theory 7.5 hp 7.5
DD2432 Artificial Neural Networks and Other Learning Systems 6.0 hp 6.0
DD2459 Software Reliability 7.5 hp 7.5
EG2110 Power System Stability and Control 7.5 hp 7.5
EG2210 Electricity Market Analysis 7.5 hp 7.5
EP2200 Queuing Theory and Teletraffic Systems 7.5 hp 7.5
EP2520 Building Networked Systems Security 7.5 hp 7.5
EQ2320 Speech Signal Processing 6.0 hp 6.0
EQ2400 Adaptive Signal Processing 6.0 hp 6.0
IL2212 Embedded Software 7.5 hp 7.5
IS1200 Computer Hardware Engineering 7.5 hp 7.5
MF2007 Dynamics and Motion Control 9.0 hp 9.0
SF2812 Applied Linear Optimization 7.5 hp 7.5
SF2842 Geometric Control Theory 7.5 hp 7.5
DD2352 Algorithms and Complexity 7.5 hp 4.5 3.0
DD2476 Search Engines and Information Retrieval Systems 9.0 hp 6.0 3.0
DD2385 Software Engineering 6.0 hp 6.0
DD2401 Neuroscience 7.5 hp 7.5
DD2427 Image Based Recognition and Classification 6.0 hp 6.0
DT2118 Speech and Speaker Recognition 7.5 hp 7.5
EK2350 Microsystem Technology 7.5 hp 7.5
MF2044 Embedded Systems for Mechatronics, II 6.0 hp 6.0
SF2852 Optimal Control Theory 7.5 hp 7.5
SF2943 Time Series Analysis 7.5 hp 7.5
DD2398 Quantitative Systems Biology 7.5 hp
DN2230 Fast Numerical Algorithms for Large-Scale Problems 7.5 hp
DN2266 Mathematical Models, Analysis and Simulation Part 1 7.5 hp
EG2050 System Planning 7.5 hp
EH2750 Computer Applications in Power Systems, Advanced Course 7.5 hp
EL1150 Introductory Matlab Course 1.5 hp
EQ2810 Estimation Theory, Accelerated Program Course 6.0 hp
EQ2820 Matrix Algebra, Accelerated Program 7.5 hp
LI1041 Information Searching 1.5 hp
SF2950 Applied Mathematical Statistics 7.5 hp