Last edit: 21/02/2020
Approved: 21/02/2020

Structure of the education

Each academic year consists of two semesters which are 20 weeks each, and each semester is further divided into two study periods.

The programme comprises 2 years of full-time studies (120 higher education credits) including a half-year degree project (30 higher education credits). The program begins with a number of compulsory courses in the first year to ensure a certain level of knowledge within ethe programme’s core subjects and thus provide the students with the broad base needed to work with complex systems. The second year, the students specialize their studies in the first half and in the second half the degree project takes place.


The programme is course-based. Lists of courses are included in Appendix 1: Course list

Grading system

Courses in the first and the second cycle are graded on a scale from A to F. A-E are passing grades, A is the highest grade. The grades pass (P) and fail (F) are used for courses under certain circumstances.

Grading scale is found in the course syllabus.

Conditions for participation in the programme

Participation requires admission to courses within the programme and course registration.

For further studies, special admission requirements for the course are to be fulfilled. Special admission requirements are listed in the respective course syllabus

Degree project

The degree project is the final part of the education and comprises 30 higher education credits. The project work may begin when special admission requirements for the course are fulfilled.

The degree project should be performed within the area of technology for which the degree is being prepared. The degree project is carried out individually and must be within an area corresponding to the courses which the student has taken. Before the degree project is started, it must be approved both by the KTH examiner and the program director.


Students who have completed the two-year Master's programme in Systems, Control and Robotics (120 ECTS) will be able to apply for a  Degree of Master of Science (two years). 

To be able to apply for the degree the student has to fulfill the national qualification requirements and have completed courses correponding to 120 higher education credits including:

  • all of the compulsary courses depending on track
  • a sufficient number of conditionally elective technical courses depending on the chosen track
  • one or two elective non-technical courses
  • one project course in the subject area
  • other elective courses for a total of 90 higher education credits
  • Degree project of 30 higher education credits.

The main field of the degree is indicated in the text of the diploma.