Last edit: 10/03/2011
Approved: 11/03/2011

In order to be eligible for the Master’s programme, a relevant higher education, Bachelor of Science in Engineering or technical bachelor, degree preferably within Mechanical Engineering or Chemical Engineering comprising 180 higher education credits is required.

Other, corresponding, degrees within natural science in the first cycle can also provide eligibility provided that the relevant courses in technical thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, or heat transfer have been fulfilled.  Other studies or work experiences are judge by competencies referred to.  For KTH’s programmes with English as the language of instruction, there is a special requirement of English B or the corresponding knowledge.

This knowledge can be judged as not completed if:

  1. The grade point average is in the lower third of the used grading scale
  2. The university/institution where the degree is completed is regarded by the local authorities as an unacceptable quality standard of education
  3. The degree is not deemed sufficient for admission to a master’s programme in the country which it was received

Other studies or work experiences are judged on the basis of the competence referred to.

Selection into the programme is based on an evaluation of the following criteria: University/higher education institution, grades, courses relevant to the programme, personal letter, proposal for degree project, work experience and references.

For more information, refer to KTH’s degree ordinance which can be found in KTH’s guidelines,