Study year 1

Master's Programme, Sustainable Technology, 120 credits (TSUTM), Programme syllabus for studies starting in autumn 2020

The following courses are part of study year one.

The course application codes and study periods are valid for the academic year 2020/2021. For other academic years, different application codes and study periods may apply.


Mandatory Appl.code Scope Study period
 1   2   3   4 
MJ2615 Introduction to Industrial Ecology, larger course 51075 7.5 hp 7.5
MJ2659 Technology and Ecosystems, Larger Course 50828 7.5 hp 3.5 4.0
MJ2673 Research Methodology and Theory of Science 51073 7.5 hp 4.0 3.5
AL2181 Environmental System Analysis and Decision making 50759 7.5 hp 7.5

At least three of the conditionally elective courses must be chosen in year 1.

At least five of the conditionally elective courses must be chosen in year 1 and 2, whereof one of the courses AL2608, AL2142 or AL2161, have to be included for a degree.

for CENMI, one (1) of the conditionally elective courses AL2134, AL2115, AL2608 must be read.

For mapped civil engineering programs (CENMI, CMAST), the following applies: In case of the Master's program serves as a conclusion to an engineering degree, the degree requirements according to the education plan in the respective engineering degree programs are added.

Conditionally elective Appl.code Scope Study period
 1   2   3   4 
AL2115 Transdisciplinary Approaches for System Innovations 60398 7.5 hp 7.5
AL2130 Waste Management 60402 7.5 hp 7.5
AL2134 Environmental Modelling 60723 7.5 hp 7.5
AL2143 Cleaner Production and Industrial Environmental Technology
Exchange for AL2140
60632 7.5 hp 7.5
AL2156 Applied Ecology 60718 7.5 hp 7.5
AL2160 Environmental Management 60607 7.5 hp 7.5
AL2190 Ecological Economics 60608 7.5 hp 7.5