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Engineering Mechanics is an important part of the design process for a large range of products. As requirements become more and more complex and challenging, the demand for engineers trained to deal with advanced mechanical problems is increasing. The objective of the programme is to encourage and enable students to learn advanced topics in Engineering Mechanics. The programme is well balanced between theoretical studies and practical applications and thus provides a platform for a successful career in industry or continuation towards a PhD.

Kunskap och förståelse

A master of science in Engineering Mechanics will:

  • have the ability to independently apply mathematics and basic engineering science in the field of engineering mechanics.
  • have the ability to master and apply principles in the field of engineering mechanics.
  • be able to be creative and critical in order to formulate and investigate mechanical problems using modern methods and tools.

Färdigheter och förmågor

A master of science in Engineering Mechanics will:

  • have the ability to critically and systematically analyse, judge and handle complex mechanical problems and situations even with access to limited information.
  • have the ability to critically, independently and creatively formulate problems and to plan and perform work within given time limits.
  • have the ability to, both orally and in writing, communicate and discuss conclusions and the underlying theory and argumentation.
  • be able to follow the latest development and research and have the ability to participate in research and development work in the field of engineering mechanics.
  • communicate results and conclusions in a competent and intelligible manner, both orally and in writing.

Värderingsförmåga och förhållningssätt

A master of science in Engineering Mechanics will:

  • have the ability to make decisions in the field of engineering mechanics regarding research and development work based on relevant scientific, societal and ethical aspects.
  • show insight regarding the possibilities and limitations of engineering science and its role in the society.
  • have ability to identify the need for further knowledge in the field and take responsibility for keeping the personal knowledge up to date.

Complete information on degree requirements can be found at the local degree policy of KTH: