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General eligibility requirements

A completed Bachelor's degree, corresponding to a Swedish Bachelor's degree (180 ECTS), or equivalent academic qualifications from an internationally recognised university. Students in their final year of undergraduate education may also apply to KTH and if qualified, receive a conditional acceptance.

Specific eligibility requirements

Documented English proficiency according to:

The applicant must have a basic degree, Bachelor’s or similar, from a mechanical, aeronautical engineering, engineering physics, or similar programme with sufficient theoretical depth and good academic results. The specific requirements may be assessed as not fulfilled if:

1.   the grade point average is below 75% of the scale maximum.

2.    the degree awarding institution is not considered to meet acceptable quality standards.

3.    the degree does not qualify for admission to equivalent Master level in the country where the degree is awarded.

Selection process

The selection process is based on a total evaluation of the following criteria: University, grades in courses relevant to the programme: mathematics, mechanics, physics, solid mechanics, fluid mechanics and sound and vibration, and motivation letter. In addition, English language skills above the minimum requirements will give a higher overall evaluation score. The evaluation scale is 1-75.