Last edit: 15/03/2011
Approved: 15/03/2011

In addition to the aims that are specified in the higher education ordinance, a master who has been graduated from Applied Logistics, KTH, should demonstrate:

Knowledge and understanding

  • good understanding that logistics is an important factor when it comes to create compatibility and profitability in a company
  • good understanding that logistics is important to get the flows of a company to act in a customer orientated and cost effective way
  • good knowledge in that logistics is important for the whole company and not only for just a part of it. That means to have a general picture of the flows of the company

Skills and abilities

  • good ability to use the knowledge about the different activities in order to understand the total logistic flow and be able to understand how your own behaviour influence this flow
  • good ability to be able to change one part of the logistic flow in way that will not lead to sub optimization
  • good ability in a group or alone be able to identify, analyse and solve different types of logistical problems in an academic way
  • good ability to be able to present and communicate logistic solutions

Ability to make judgments and adopt a standpoint

  • good ability that without conditions and from a theoretical point of view solve different logistical problems
  • understand that logistics is a cross scientific approach which can influence all established functions in a company
  • judge different logistical solutions as a result of their economical consequences for a company