Last edit: 09/04/2014
Approved: 12/09/2014

In addition to the aims that are specified in the higher education ordinance, a master who has been graduated from Applied Logistics, KTH, should:

Knowledge and understanding

  • Be able to control logistic flows and make them operate in a cost efficient and customer adapted way
  • Have a comprehensive view of enterprise flows and an understanding of how one’s individual acting affect the total result
  • Be able to present and communicate logistic proposals

Skills and abilities

  • Possess an understanding of logistics as an important factor in creating competing power and business profitability
  • Have the capacity to adjust individual area of responsibility as relates to the corporate logistics, with the aim to avoid suboptimations
  • In a group and individually, be able to identify, analyse and solve logistic problems in a way consistent with academic methods
  • Have the ability to assess logistic solutions as relates to overall business consequences

Ability to make judgments and adopt a standpoint

  • Understand that logistics is an interdisciplinary way of thinking  that may affect all established company functions

KTH's local degree ordinance can be found in KTH's regulatory framework,