Programme objectives

Master's Programme, Applied Logistics, 60 credits (TTILM), Programme syllabus for studies starting in autumn 2016

Last edit: 25/05/2016
Approved: 25/05/2016

In addition to the objectives specified in the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance, a graduate holder of degree of master from Applied Logistics at KTH shall:

Knowledge and understanding

  • be able to control logistics flows and get them to work in a client-adapted and cost-effective way

  • have a holistic view of a company's flows and insight into how their own actions affect the outcome for the whole

  • be able to present and communicate logistics proposals

Skills and abilities

  • have an understanding of logistics as an important factor when it comes to creating competitiveness and profitability in a company
  • have the ability to modify their area of responsibility within the operation's logistics in order to avoid sub-optimisation
  • have the ability to, in a group and independently, identify, analyse and solve different kinds of logistics problems through addressing them in an academic methodological manner
  • have the ability to evaluate various logistics solutions based on their overall financial consequences for the company

Ability to make judgments and adopt a standpoint

  • understand that logistics is a multidisciplinary approach that can affect all established functions in a business

KTH's local Degree Ordinance is found in the KTH regulatory framework,