Last edit: 26/10/2016
Approved: 26/10/2016

The general admission requirement for masters programmes at KTH is a completed Bachelor's degree, equivalent to a Swedish Bachelor's degree (180 ECTS), or equivalent academic qualifications from an internationally recognized university. In addition, students have to meet following specific requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, in the field of architecture (B.Arch. or M. Arch.), or landscape architecture (B.L.A. or M.L.A.) or, urban design & physical planning (M.C.P., M.U.P.)
  • A minimum of 30 ECTS is required either in Architecture, Physical Planning or Urban Design, and –or Landscape Architecture.
  • Portfolio is compulsory and will be considered in the selection process.

  • Admission to the program requires proficiency in English equivalent to the Swedish grade English B. Applicant must provide a proof of their proficiency in English.

Applicants who at the time of application  have no degree certificate of at least 180 credits, may be granted conditional admission. Conditional admission  granted if the above requirements of the degree are expected to be fulfilled by the time of registration. A Certificate from university /college, proving that the student is enrolled in a study program which if completed will lead to the degree must accompany the notification.


The selection process is based on the following selection criteria: University, previous studies (for instance GPA, grades in specific subjects and English), motivation for the studies (for instance letter of motivation, references, thesis proposal and relevant work experience). The evaluation scale is 1-75.