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KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory

Applying humanities and social science methods and theories to questions of environment, nature and climate and their representations in society and culture.

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What are we Eating?

EHL's postdoc Nuno Marques shares about some of his collaborations on ecopoetics

Nuno Marques, a postdoc at the EHL working on ecopoetics, explores connections between poetics and sciences, particularly ecology, climatology, and meteorology in the environmental humanities. As part...

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Creative news

Workshops on climate futures creative writing co-hosted by EHL and Students for Sustainability

This Spring the KTH Students for Sustainability and researchers from the EHL & Div. of History of Science, Technology, and Environment co-hosted a creative writing workshop series on climate futures. ...

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The workshop explored the causal drivers of the anthropocene by rethinking histories of energy

Researchers exploring new histories of energy and extractivism in the Anthropocene

An international group of researchers gathered in Stockholm near Lake Brunnsviken for generative discussions in a two-day intensive workshop, co-organised by the new Centre of Excellence for Anthropoc...

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Latest Publications

H. Berggren, M. Hagerman and S. Sörlin, "Låt filmaren Jan Lindqvist fullborda "Tiden är en dröm", skriver tre historiker," Dagens Nyheter, vol. 15 March, 2024.
A. Ekström, B. Westerberg and S. Sörlin, "Pinsam politisk tävling i hårda tag mot flyktingar," Dagens Nyheter, vol. March, no. 10, 2024.
S. Höhler and C. Kehrt, "Sog des Neuen : Narrationen der Technikgeschichte," Technikgeschichte, vol. 91, no. 1, pp. 3-10, 2024.
E. Perez Vico et al., "Valorizing the Humanities," in Making Universities Matter: Collaboration, Engagement, Impact, Pauline Mattsson, Eugenia Perez Vico & Linus Salö Ed., Cham, Switzerland : Springer Nature, 2024, pp. 211-232.

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