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Forest landscape trajectories in a changing climate – the LEcA tool

Participants: Ulla Mörtberg, KTH; Magnus Svensson, KTH; Xi-Lillian Pang, KTH; Renats Trubins, SLU

Funding: Part of the strategic research area ModElling the Regional and Global Earth system  (MERGE), led by Lund University

Time period: 2020-2021

Project description

The Landscape simulation and Ecological Assessment (LEcA) tool was developed to provide decision support for policy, planning and management of forest ecosystems in real-world landscapes. The LEcA tool is designed to simulate forest growth and management under different scenarios and account for synergies and trade-offs among ecosystem services. This is useful for informing policy, planning and management of forest resources across landscapes. Current model development concerns climate change scenarios and, in addition, to estimate carbon storage in forest and soils. These add-on functionalities will be tested on Stockholm County in collaboration with stakeholders.


The LEcA-climate case study is a cooperation between SEED, KTH, and SLU Alnarp.

Overview of the LEcA tool.
Overview of the LEcA tool.

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