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Contact us at MSc Engineering Materials Science

Many people are involved in your programme to help you during your studies. Here, you will find contact information for your study counsellor, international coordinator, programme director, and your chapter's student representatives.

Study counsellor

As a study counsellor, I am here for you if you need support during your studies. You can contact me if you want to discuss your study situation, want guidance on elective courses or if you have other study-related questions.

International coordinator

As an international coordinator, I can help you with questions about studying abroad, such as guiding you to find an exchange option that suits you and providing you with practical support during your journey.

Programme Director

As Programme Director, I am responsible for the programme's content, implementation and fulfilment of the learning outcomes.

Do you want to influence your education?

In each chapter (THS) there is a study committee, which collects students' opinions, and together with KTH improves and develops the education. The study committee can also support you when you contact KTH about your course, examination or education.

Chapters (