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Find contact

On this page you can get help to find the right contact person at KTH depending on your queries.

The structure, content and examination of the course

Before the course starts

For questions regarding course structure and content you can search for the course in the course and programme catalogue . On each course’s page you can find contact details to the course coordinator.

During an ongoing course

If you have any questions during an ongoing course please contact your teacher, course coordinator, or examiner in the course room on Canvas.


Course administration

Re-registration, registration of grades, reassessment of a grade, old exams

For help regarding re-registration, registration of grades, reassessment of a grade and access to old exams, please contact the course and student office.

Course and student offices

During the programme

For information about the programme structure and content you can search for the programme in the course and programme catalogue. Some information can be found on the Programme web. For personal guidance about choosing courses, specialisation, master’s programme, or questions about your programme turn to the programme study counsellor.

Study counselling for programme students

Study abroad

If you have questions about studying abroad during your studies, contact your international coordinator.

International coordinators

Support and guidance during studies

Help with your study situation and study technique

If you want to discuss your study situation, need support with your studies, create a study plan, or need personal guidance, please contact the programme study counsellor.

Study counselling for programme students

Students with disabilities

If you have a disability and need compensatory support, contact Funka.

Funka – compensatory support for students with disabilities

If you have difficulties reading printed text you can contact the KTH Library and receive course literature as audio books, braille, or e-textbooks.

KTH Library

Help with student wellbeing

For support regarding your wellbeing during your studies you can turn to Stockholm Student Health Services where you can speak to psychologists and counsellors. 

Stockholm Student Health Services

Help with literature and searching for information

If you need help with course literature, databases, patent, or guidance in academic writing and information retrieval, contact the KTH Library.

KTH Library

Comments or complaints about your education or study environment

It is important for KTH to receive comments and complaints from you as a student in order to rectify any shortcomings. First and foremost, you should contact the course or programme coordinator. Secondarily, you can fill in a complaint form that will go directly to the university’s case management system where your case is registered. The case will then be forwarded to the concerned school or other functions within KTH.

Help with IT or student services

For personal help with IT-systems, programmes and services within KTH, please contact the IT-support.


Unsure about who to turn to?

If you are unsure about who to contact regarding your questions you can always contact the department at KTH that answers general questions and they will make sure to forward your question to the right person within KTH.

Contact KTH (