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Living in Sweden

Are you new to Sweden? Welcome! When you have arrived and started your life in Stockholm there are a few things to sort out, for example getting a student discount card and maybe getting a Swedish bank account. Here we have collected important things to know when you first get settled.

New to KTH? Read our guide

Are you a newly admitted student? Read our guide to studying at KTH, where we summarize some important differences in studies compared to other countries.


This page describes the healthcare system in Sweden and what applies to you as an international student if you need to seek healthcare in Sweden.


KTH students are insured through a personal injury insurance on KTH's premises and during travel to and from KTH. However, you must have additional medical insurance coverage.

Banking and payments

You can consider opening a Swedish bank account if you stay in Sweden for a longer period of time. Find information on what to keep in mind if you want to open a bank account in Sweden.


KTH Accommodation assists international students in finding accommodation in Stockholm. Some student groups are guaranteed housing, while others need to find housing on their own.

Payment of tuition fees

The tuition fee is charged in advance for each semester. If you need to pay tuition fees, you will find information about how to do it on these web pages.

Work during studies

Do you want to work part-time during your studies? International students with a residence permit for studies can work in Sweden during their study period. 

Living sustainably

Here are some tips for living more sustainably in your everyday student life in Sweden. Several of the tips can also help you save money.