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Earth Observation for Change Detection - Ecological Assessment

Earth Observation and Artificial Intelligence for Detection of Global Change - Ecological Assessment (EO-AI-EcA)

Project leader: Yifang Ban is project leader for the EO-AI project , while Ulla Mörtberg is co-leader in charge of the constituent project EO-AI-EcA

Participants: Xi-Lillian Pang

Funding: Digital Futures  is based on the assignment to KTH by the Swedish government to establish a strategic research environment for crossdisciplinary research on the future technologies for digitalization. Jointly established by KTH, Stockholm University and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

Properties of virtual species
Potential properties of virtual species (fictive numbers)

Project period: 2021-2024

Project description

Digital Futures  researches and develops digital technologies that can bring solutions to great societal challenges, in Sweden and globally. Within the EO-AI-EcA project, we develop digital ecological assessment tools, including network analysis and a virtual species approach, in order to conduct ecological assessments on the continuous change detection based on artificial intelligence that is provided by the EO-AI project . Two main change processes that are addressed are impacts on biodiversity components in 1) urban landscapes, and 2) forest landscape changes by growth, management measures and forest fires.

Digital Futures

 The EO-AI project  is a part of Digital Futures  collaborative projects.