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EMA research group cooperation with KTH Parallel Computer Centre

Sustainable forest management - optimization of ecosystem services from a landscape perspective

Xi Pang and Gert Svensson
Publicerad 2016-08-15

The , SEED, KTH, start a cooperation with KTH Parallel Computer Centre about landscape simulation and ecological assessment.

Different spatial location of forest harvesting operations for industrial wood and bioenergy may result in different impacts on forest habitat networks. To minimize the impacts, spatial optimization is needed for allocating harvest activities. Since the spatial dimension makes the question difficult to be solved by ordinary optimization techniques, in this project we will test different heuristic methods for spatial optimization in a case study. Parallel computing will be needed for programming the heuristic methods due to the treatment huge datasets typical of spatial data problems with high resolution. The results are intended to solve habitat network problems, which is part of the method development for integrated assessment of forest bioenergy options , a cooperation between the EMA research group and IIASA, SLU and other, part of StandUp for Energy Systems.