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The Brazilian president visiting KTH

The Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff in the middle, PhD student Flavio L.M. de Freitas to the right of her, surrounded by KTH professors, PhD students and KTH president (to the far left)..
Publicerad 2015-10-19

Poster presentations of Brazil-relevant research

During her three-day state visit to Stockholm, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff visited KTH Royal Institute of Technology on Monday, getting a taste of current research projects and collaborations. Rousseff went through a poster exhibition offering insight into current and Brazil-relevant research. Among the poster presenters were PhD student Flavio L.M. de Freitas from the , SEED Department, KTH; showing his work on "Additionality of the compensation mechanism of the Brazilian Forest Code". The poster drew much attention and a discussion about it with the President took place. More information about the research project can be found here .

More information about the visit at KTH by the Brazilian president can be found here .