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KTH Innovation Collide

Collage av människor som pratar, dryck som hälls upp och folkmassa

Welcome to KTH Innovation Collide, an evening for everyone interested in innovation and impact! Hear from startups, get to know new people, and enjoy snacks and drinks.

Tid: Ti 2023-02-14 kl 17.00 - 19.00

Plats: Teknikringen 1

Collide with us 

Great things happen when people come together! The first three KTH Innovation Collides have attracted over 800 people. 

On 14 February, we celebrate the love of innovation as we gather for KTH Innovation Collide, and you’re invited! Make new friends, find future collaborators and be part of building the friendliest and most creative community in Stockholm. This time we put special focus on team

Everyone is welcome

This event is open to everyone, no matter if you dream of founding something in the future, already have a startup, belong to the ecosystem, or just want to meet interesting people.

Talks, demos and matchmaking

The night will feature inspirational meetings with founders, demos from startups, and matchmaking for aspiring entrepreneurs. The bar will be stocked with non-alcoholic beer and snacks.  

See you there!

About KTH Innovation Collide

With Collide, we open the doors to innovation at KTH. We want to bring together students and researchers from different universities, professionals from the innovation ecosystem, founders and makers in an open and creative environment. Collide is open to everyone - come as you are!

KTH Innovation Collide is inspired by Imperial Enterprise Lab's Community Collider  at Imperial College London.