BB3110 Computational Python 5.0 credits

Python för beräkningsvetenskaper

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    Third cycle
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Information for research students about course offerings

2011 fron November 7th

Last day of application 2011-10-31

Intended learning outcomes

After having completed the course the student will be able to use python scripts for tasks involving

· numerical problems using object orientational principles,advanced datastructures, classes and overloading operators

· scripts for parameter studies with external software

·                    subtract information from unformatted data files

·                    interfaces with numerical packages blas and lapack

·                    interfaces with compiled languages

·                    graphical interfaces

Course main content

There will be five meetings with the following content

1. Basics of python and its relation to perl and awk

2.  Numerical python (numpy)

3.  Interfaces with Fortan and C

4.   GUI programming

5.    Data handling


This is course will consist of highly interactive seminars, which depend on the active participations of the students, including completed assignments for each meeting.


Basis UNIX skills


Lecture notes.

Hans-Petter Langtangen: Python scripting in computational science, 3rd edition (2007)


Requirements for final grade

To pass the course the student has prepare assignments for each meeting and be present at least 4 of 5 meetings. A missed meeting must be completed with an extra assignment.

There will be a final assignment where the student should write a report describing how scripting has been used (or may be used) in relation to his/her own field of research. The report (1-2 pages)  is to be submitted to the BILDA

platform before a predefined date. The second part of the task is to write comments to a report assigned by the teacher written by another student also to be submitted to BILDA. In the final examination meeting the reports and comments will be discussed orally.

Offered by



Olav Vahtras,, +46 8 55378415


Olav Vahtras <>

Supplementary information

Target audience: PhD student of coputational sciences

Number of students: 20


Course syllabus valid from: Spring 2010.