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Before choosing courseFBB3650 Animal Cell Technology 7.5 creditsAdministrate About course
Course offering missing for current semester as well as for previous and coming semesters
* Retrieved from Course syllabus FBB3650 (Spring 2018–)

Content and learning outcomes

Course contents

• Introduction to processes for the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals. • Introduction to animal cell based cultivation process and relations/interactions between cultivation and other steps of the biopharmaceutical process.
• Usage of stable expression systems and description of the existing systems, e.g. cell lines.
• Review of cell metabolism relevant for the animal cell cultivation and application to process design. Scale-up aspects.
• Issues of commercial production, e.g. requirements of patient safety and compliance to regulatory constraints.
• Integration of the different course materials into development and design of a cultivation process.
• Cells as product
• Basic techniques for mammalian cell culture in shake flask, and small-scale fed-batch bioreactor operations

Intended learning outcomes

The students will learn how to design a cultivation process to produce a biopharmaceutical drug protein. In particular, after the course, they will be able to

• design a cultivation process flow sheet of operations
• select an appropriate cell line
• choose an expression system
• design a cultivation process fit for industrial purpose, i.e. integrating scale-up constraints, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), manufacturing operation
• select the level of safety required for the patients and design a process accordingly
• be able to design a strategy to develop a cultivation process

Course Disposition

• 12 lectures (2 x 45 min) accompanied by peer review and discussion of home assignments of other students
• 12 home assignments (e.g. literature searching and reading). Efforts with home assignments will be about 5 hours/week.
• Practical training of sterile techniques to culture mammalian cells in shake flask (5 days) and performance of a fed-batch bioreactor culture as demonstrator in groups (5 days)
Lectures are given during daytime at KTH. Total weekly attendance is 4 x 45 min. Total course duration is 8 weeks. The course includes a final report.

Literature and preparations

Specific prerequisites

The KTH course
BB1120 Cultivation technology or
BB2080 Bioprocess Technology or equivalent.

Recommended prerequisites

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• Handout material
• Butler M ed. (2007) “Cell Culture and Upstream Processing” Taylor and Francis ISBN 0-415-39969-6
• Ozturk S and Hu W-S (2006) “Cell Culture Technology for Pharmaceutical and Cell-based Therapies” Taylor and Francis ISBN 0-8247-5334-8

Examination and completion

If the course is discontinued, students may request to be examined during the following two academic years.

Grading scale

P, F


    Based on recommendation from KTH’s coordinator for disabilities, the examiner will decide how to adapt an examination for students with documented disability.

    The examiner may apply another examination format when re-examining individual students.

    Other requirements for final grade

    (1) > 50 % attendance at lectures, and
    (2) Score > 60 % of max points at written examination, and
    (3) > 80 % of home assignments approved

    Opportunity to complete the requirements via supplementary examination

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    Opportunity to raise an approved grade via renewed examination

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    Profile picture Antonius Van Maris

    Ethical approach

    • All members of a group are responsible for the group's work.
    • In any assessment, every student shall honestly disclose any help received and sources used.
    • In an oral assessment, every student shall be able to present and answer questions about the entire assignment and solution.

    Further information

    Course web

    Further information about the course can be found on the Course web at the link below. Information on the Course web will later be moved to this site.

    Course web FBB3650

    Offered by

    CBH/Industrial Biotechnology

    Main field of study

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    Education cycle

    Third cycle

    Add-on studies

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    Veronique Chotteau, 08 790 96 28,

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