LH231V Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 7.5 credits

Lärande och undervisning i högre utbildning

The aim of this course is to give you the opportunity to develop your professional role as a teacher in higher education, which includes a scholarly and collegial approach to teaching and learning.

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Course information

Content and learning outcomes

Course contents *

The course aims to strenghten the teacher role in a Swedish higher education context with an emphasis on increased understanding of how students learn and what may influence students' learning.

Main course themes include:

- Student learning in Higher Education

- Teaching methods and the role of the teacher

- Design of teaching and learning activities

- Diversity and inclusion in Higher Education

Intended learning outcomes *

At the end of the course the participants should demonstrate the ability to:

- reflect upon student learning in higher education and in collaboration with others discuss how you can create an open and inclusive learning environment 

- apply concepts and research findings in discussions on teaching and learning in higher education, concerning your own and others' experience and context

- discuss and apply the policies for higher education in Sweden as well as the local requirements

- create an outcome based design of teaching and learning activities, and justify the choices based on research on teaching and learning, given local conditions

- reflect upon your development as a teacher in higher education. 

Course Disposition

The course is designed to facilitate active and collaborative learning. This means that active participation in the various teaching-learning activities is essential and the starting point of connecting theoretical course content into the teachers’ everyday practice. In that way the form (methods) is part of the course content and gives the course participants the possibility to experience different methods to use in their own teaching.

Literature and preparations

Specific prerequisites *

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Recommended prerequisites

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The course literature include one main course book and complementary scientific papers and other text material. In addition, relevant literature depending on the choice of project task. Information about the main course book will be given at latest three weeks before the course start. The main course book will be handed out to course participants during the first class meeting.

Examination and completion

Grading scale *

P, F

Examination *

  • INL1 - Assignment, 4.5 credits, Grading scale: P, F
  • PRO1 - Project Assignment, 3.0 credits, Grading scale: P, F

Based on recommendation from KTH’s coordinator for disabilities, the examiner will decide how to adapt an examination for students with documented disability.

The examiner may apply another examination format when re-examining individual students.

- INL1 4,5 ECTS. Individual written assignment. Grade: P, F

- PRO1 3,0 ECTS. Projec task presented orally and in writing. Grade: P, F

Other requirements for final grade *

Other requirements to pass the course:

The participants need to participate in 80% of the class meetings including:

- obligatory participation during the graded assessment seminar (part of the project work),

- obligatory participation during the first day of the course and in addition two other seminars.

Information on the date for the obligatory sessions are provided via the course web page at latest two months in advance.

Course participants that miss out on any of the obligatory sessions can consult with the course responsible for complementary tasks.

Course participants that show testimonial of a functional disorder that influence the ability to perform the graded assignments have the right to an alternative form of assignment which will be decided together with the examiner.

Opportunity to complete the requirements via supplementary examination

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Opportunity to raise an approved grade via renewed examination

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Marie Magnell

Further information

Course web

Further information about the course can be found on the Course web at the link below. Information on the Course web will later be moved to this site.

Course web LH231V

Offered by

ITM/Learning in Engineering Sciences

Main field of study *

Technology and Learning

Education cycle *

Second cycle

Add-on studies

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Margareta Bergman, margberg@kth.se

Ethical approach *

  • All members of a group are responsible for the group's work.
  • In any assessment, every student shall honestly disclose any help received and sources used.
  • In an oral assessment, every student shall be able to present and answer questions about the entire assignment and solution.

Supplementary information

The course is tailored for teachers at KTH. It is included in course offerings that meet KTH's requirement of 15 credits in university teaching for employment or promotion to a teaching position.