Courses, CBH/Industrial Biotechnology

Course name Credits Course code Educational level  
Biocatalysis 7.5 BB2460 Second cycle
Biochemistry 1 7.5 BB1150 First cycle
Biochemistry 2 6.0 BB1230 First cycle
Biochemistry, Theory 6.0 BB1090 First cycle
Biomolecular Structure and Function 7.5 BB2165 Second cycle
Bionanotechnology 7.5 BB2400 Second cycle
Bioprocess Design 15.0 BB2520 Second cycle
Biochemical Technology 10.5 BB2070 Second cycle
Biochemical Technology, Theory 7.5 BB2080 Second cycle
Biotechnology 6.0 BB1050 First cycle
Biotechnology 7.5 KH1223 First cycle
Energy and Environment 7.5 BB2480 Second cycle
Glycobiotechnology 7.5 BB2425 Second cycle
Sustainable development and project management 3.0 CB1000 First cycle
Industrial and Environmental Microbiology 12.0 BB2140 Second cycle
Industrial and Environmental Microbiology, Theory 7.5 BB2150 Second cycle
Downstream processing of biological products 7.5 CB2010 Second cycle
Drug Development 6.0 BB2170 Second cycle
Drug Development 7.5 CB2090 Second cycle
Metabolic Engineering 7.5 BB2485 Second cycle
Microbiology, Advanced Course 6.0 BB2090 Second cycle
Microbiology, Project 2 15.0 BB2120 Second cycle
Microorganisms in Buildings 7.5 BB101V First cycle
Environmental Bioprocess Technology 7.5 CB2100 Second cycle
Environmental Toxicology 9.0 BB2010 Second cycle
Environmental Toxicology 7.5 BB2015 Second cycle
Molecular Biotechnology for Nanotechnology 7.5 BB2410 Second cycle
Molecular Enzymology 7.5 BB2020 Second cycle
Cultivation Technology 7.5 BB1300 First cycle
Environmental Microbiology 15.0 BB2110 Second cycle
Structure Biology 7.5 BB2160 Second cycle
System Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment 7.5 BB2570 Second cycle
Microbiology of Wastewater Treatment 7.5 BB2130 Second cycle
Plant Biotechnology 7.5 BB2330 Second cycle