Courses, EES/Electric Power and Energy Systems

Course name Credits Course code Educational level  
Electric Traction Systems 6.0 2C5040 Third cycle
Power System Research Project, part 2 7.5 EG2312 Second cycle
Dynamics of HVDC/FACTS systems in Real-Time Simulation 8.0 FEN3340 Third cycle
Design of Electric Machines 9.0 2C5041 Third cycle
Electrical Machines Design, Basic Course 6.0 2C5042 Third cycle
Power Electronics 12.0 2C5043 Third cycle
Power Electronics, Basic Course 9.0 2C5044 Third cycle
Power Semiconductors for Converters 12.0 2C5045 Third cycle
Power Semiconductors for Converters, Basic Course 9.0 2C5046 Third cycle
Technology for Distribution of Electric Power /Commissioned Course/ 6.0 EG209U Second cycle
Control of Electrical Drives 6.0 2C5048 Third cycle
Transformers 3.0 2C5053 Third cycle
Electrical Machines, Transients and Dynamics 6.0 2C5049 Third cycle
AC Machines with Nonsinusoidal Supply 6.0 2C5140 Third cycle