Courses, ICT/Communications Systems

Course name Credits Course code Educational level  
Ad-hoc Networking /Commissioned Course/ 3.0 IK229U Second cycle
Business Opportunities in ICT 7.5 II2205 Second cycle
Communication Systems Architectures 7.5 IK2212 Second cycle
Aspect Oriented Programming 6.0 ID149V First cycle
Advanced Internetworking 9.0 IK2204 Second cycle
Advanced Routing /Commissioned Course/ 7.5 IK136U First cycle
Advanced Security Architecture for ODP Systems 7.5 ID3002 Third cycle
Advanced Security for Mobile and Wireless Networks 7.5 ID3004 Third cycle
Advanced Business Opportunities in ICT 15.0 II2200 Second cycle
Advanced Aspects of Java and E-Commerce Security 7.5 ID3003 Third cycle
Advanced Aspects of Network Security 7.5 ID3001 Third cycle
Convergence- the Changning Telecommunications Market /Commissioned Course/ 4.5 IK225U Second cycle
Data Communication, Basic Course 6.0 IK1000 First cycle
Data Links and Local Area Networks 7.5 IK2211 Second cycle
Security for Java Environment and Electronic Commerce 7.5 IK2001 Second cycle
Data and Computer Communication /Commissioned Course/ 6.0 IK227U Second cycle
Computer Networks 7.5 IK1353 First cycle
Computer Networks 1, Basic Course 3.0 IK131V First cycle
Computer Networks 2 4.5 IK132V First cycle
Computer Networks 3 4.5 IK133V First cycle
Data Networks 4 6.0 IK134V First cycle
Collaborative Computing 7.5 IC2007 Second cycle
Descriptive Statistics 7.5 IX1504 First cycle
Descriptive Statistics and Research Methodology 7.5 IX1377 First cycle
Discrete Mathematics for Business Engineering 7.5 IX1503 First cycle
Global Entrepreneurial Leadership 7.5 II2204 Second cycle
Global Entrepreneurial Leadership in ICT 7.5 II1208 First cycle
Key Trends in ICT /Commissioned Course/ 3.0 IK250U Second cycle
ICT Internship Continuous Assessment 6.0 II1211 First cycle
ICT Internship Programme Report 12.0 II1212 First cycle
ICT Start-up Business Case 12.0 II1213 First cycle
ICT System Design 30.0 II2209 Second cycle
Inter Domain Routing 7.5 IK2205 Second cycle
Internetworking /Commissioned Course/ 6.0 IK223U Second cycle
Internetworking 6.0 IK1550 First cycle
Introduction in Mathematics 7.5 IX1300 First cycle
Introduction to Mathematics 1.5 IX1310 First cycle
IPv6 /Commissioned Course/ 3.0 IK230U Second cycle
Java Programming 7.5 ID1006 First cycle
Cognitive Psychology 7.5 IC1010 First cycle
Communication System Design 18.0 IK2207 Second cycle
Communication System Design 24.0 IK2208 Second cycle
Communication System Design 30.0 IK2209 Second cycle
Communication - Business - Leadership 18.0 IK2201 Second cycle
Communication - Business - Leadership 15.0 IK2203 Second cycle
Communication Systems and Business Models 2.5 IK2216 Second cycle
Advanced Communication Systems 7.5 IK2506 Second cycle
Computer Communication, Advanced Course 9.0 IK1551 First cycle
Mathematics for Programmers 7.5 IX1350 First cycle
Mathematics I 7.5 IX1301 First cycle
Mathematics II 7.5 IX1302 First cycle
Mathematics IV 7.5 IX1502 First cycle
Mobile Technologies using Java 6.0 ID138V First cycle
Mobile Technologies using Java, Applications 3.0 ID140V First cycle
Mobile Presence 7.5 IK2552 Second cycle
Mobile Operator Business /Commissioned Course/ 5.0 IK251U Second cycle
New Business Models 5.0 II2201 Second cycle
Multicast /commissioned Course/ 3.0 IK228U Second cycle
Network Security 7.5 IV2020 Second cycle
Network Society 7.5 II1210 First cycle
Secure Networks 4.5 IK130V First cycle
Object-Oriented Programming with C++ 6.0 ID137V First cycle
Object Oriented Programming with Java, part 2 7.5 ID142V First cycle
Object Oriented Programming with VB.NET 7.5 ID146V First cycle
Performance Evaluation for Network Engineering 7.5 IK3506 Third cycle
Performance Evaluation for Network Engineering 7.5 IK2219 Second cycle
Principles of Computer Security 7.5 IV2024 Second cycle
Programming in PHP Creating Web Applications 6.0 ID147V First cycle
Programming in VB.NET, Continuation Course 7.5 ID148V First cycle
Programming in C# 7.5 ID132V First cycle
Quality of Service /Commissioned Course/ 3.0 IK231U Second cycle
Radio Communication, Basic Course 6.0 IK2500 Second cycle
Wireless Networks 12.0 IK2502 Second cycle
Systems Theory and Security 7.5 IV2036 Second cycle
Security in Mobile and Wireless Networks 7.5 IK2002 Second cycle
Security Architecture for Open Distributed Systems 7.5 IK2000 Second cycle
Telecom vs Computer Com /Commissioned Course/ 3.0 IK221U Second cycle
Telecom vs Computer Com /Commissioned Course/ 3.0 IK226U Second cycle
Teleconomics, Advanced Course 6.0 IK3502 Third cycle
Tele Communications 4.5 IK100V First cycle
Tele Communication, II 7.5 IV201V Second cycle
Telecommunication System /Commissioned Course/ 6.0 IK222U Second cycle
Telesystem /Commissioned Course/ 6.0 IK224U Second cycle
Applied Signal Processing 7.5 IL2205 Second cycle
Wireless Communication-Business-Leadership 12.0 IK2505 Second cycle
Wireless Transmission Techniques 6.0 IK2501 Second cycle
Value Based Risk Management 7.5 IV2023 Second cycle
Philosophy of Science for Engineers 6.0 IK3504 Third cycle