Courses, EECS/Electromagnetic Engineering

Course name Credits Course code Educational level  
Antenna Theory, PhD Course I 8.0 EI3204 Third cycle
The Lightning Flash and Lightning Protection, PhD Course 8.0 EI3380 Third cycle
Physics of Dielectric Insulating Materials 8.0 EI3230 Third cycle
Electrical Discharges in Gases and their Applications, PhD Course 8.0 EI3370 Third cycle
Electromagnetic Theory, PhD Course I 6.0 EI3200 Third cycle
Electromagnetic Theory, PhD Course II 6.0 EI3300 Third cycle
Electromagnetic Compatibility, PhD Course 8.0 EI3280 Third cycle
Electromagnetic Waves in Complex Media 4.0 EI3302 Third cycle
Electrotechnical Design, Ph D. Course 10.0 EI3353 Third cycle
Electrotechnical Modeling, PhD Course 8.0 EI3250 Third cycle
Advances in High Voltage Engineering, PhD Course 5.0 EI3334 Third cycle
Array Antennas 10.0 JI3325 Third cycle
High Voltage Engineering - Advanced Level, PhD Course 8.0 EI3232 Third cycle
Integral Equations in Electromagnetics 6.0 EI3304 Third cycle
Insulation Diagnostics and Monitoring of Power Equipment, PhD Course 5.0 EI3330 Third cycle
Power Transformers, Advanced Course 8.0 EI3354 Third cycle
Magnetic Hysteresis 8.0 EI3350 Third cycle
Power System Mathematical Statistics 8.0 EI3362 Third cycle
Metasurfaces: Theory and Practice, PhD course 10.0 EI3310 Third cycle
Nanodielectric Insulation Materials, PhD Course 5.0 EI3336 Third cycle
Partial Discharge Physics and Measurement Techniques, PhD Course 8.0 EI3332 Third cycle
Reliability Analysis for Power Systems, Higher Course 9.0 EI3262 Third cycle
Reliability Evaluation of Sustainable Electric Power Systems (RSEPS) 7.5 EI3390 Third cycle
Reliability Centred Asset Management for Power Systems 9.0 EI3364 Third cycle
Maintenance Management of Power Systems 8.0 EI3260 Third cycle
Waveguiding Methods 5.0 EI3301 Third cycle