The following courses are part of study year one.

The course application codes and study periods are valid for the academic year 2020/2021. For other academic years, different application codes and study periods may apply.

General courses

All students follow the same courses during the first year of the programme. At the end of the spring term, the students choose one of the four specialisations:

Mathematics and Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry, Mathematics and Technology, specialising in Energy and environment, Mathematics and Technology specialising in Information and communication technology.

Mandatory courses

Course code and name Appl.code Scope P1 P2 P3 P4
ED1100 Engineering Science 7.5 hp 7.5
SF1661 Perspectives on Mathematics 6.0 hp 6.0
DD1312 Programming Techniques and Matlab 8.0 hp 1.0 3.5 3.5
MJ1530 Physics, Chemistry, Energy and the Environment 15.0 hp 8.0 7.0
SF1662 Discrete Mathematics 7.5 hp 4.0 3.5
UMK213 Mathematics Education and School Placement for Upper Secondary 61028 7.5 hp 1.0 6.5
DIK200 Learning as Professional Assignments 60453 8.5 hp 8.5