Last edit: 01/09/2015
Approved: 01/09/2015

General admission requirements: A well executed Bachelor’s degree (BSc, BEng or corresponding) comprising 180 ECTS credits from a university approved by the Swedish authorities or accredited of an authoritized organisation.  Stable knowledge in written and spoken English.  The applicant must present proof of knowledge in English.

See KTH general admission requirements for Master’s programmes:

Specific admission requirements: Prerequisites for the Master’s programme in computer simulation for science and engineering:

  • The Bachelor degree must be from a university listed in the latest distribution of the International handbook of universities
  • The applicant should have a solid background in mathematics, computer science and numerical analysis. The applicant should have taken the following subjects: vector 
    calculus, ordinary differential equations, stochastics and statistics. In 
    addition, a basic understanding of partial differential equations and basic 
    experience of a higher programming language are required. 
  • The B.Sc. Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) must be at least 75% of the scale maximum.
  • Knowledge in the English language should be documented in the form of achieved credits in one of the named internationally known language tests

Detailed credits requirements for the language test, and requirements about when and how the documentation should be sent in can be found at

The selection is based on the collected evaluation of the following: university, contents of the degree(s), study success, personal letter, references, relevant work experience, publications (including scientific posters, etc.) and knowledge in the English language.