Last edit: 14/11/2017
Approved: 14/11/2017

This master's program (COSSE) is given in cooperation by three European universities: KTH (Sweden), Delft University of Technology, TUD (Netherlands), and Technische Universität Berlin,TUB (Germany).

The main objective of COSSE is to train students in Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) and to prepare the students for international research and development employment in academy, industry, and services sector.

A student of this two-years programme studies during the first year at one of the three universities, normally TU Berlin and continues his/her studies at another university in a different country.

The COSSE programme offers a number of specialisations within the spearhead competencies of each partner university. A student choses his/her specialisation during the second semester and continues with courses and the degree project at the other university in this specialisation.

Knowledge and understanding

A master's student with a degree from the COSSE program has: qualified and broad knowledge in the field of computational science and engineering including techniques for mathematical modeling, simulation and analysis.

Skills and abilities

A master's student with a degree form the COSSE program has the ability to:

  • formulate mathematical models, choose suitable methods/computer tools and construct software for high performance computers of different architectures,
  • analyze different mathematical models within science and technology and work creatively, systematically and critically
  • find strategies for the solution of different types of mathematical models using knowledge about the possibilities and limitations of the different methods and tools,
  • communicate effectively with professionals within computational science and engineering as well as with persons working with different scientific-technological applications,
  • communicate effectively with management as well as society at large using written and oral presentations,
  • cooperate effectively with colleagues with different cultural backgrounds.

Ability to make judgments and adopt a standpoint

A master's student with a degree from the COSSE program can:

  • critically judge validity and limitations of results from computations on different types of mathematical models,
  • identify the need for further knowledge in the field and take responsibility for keeping his/her personal knowledge up to date.

Beyond this, there are similar goals for Master’s degrees defined in the higher education ordinance.