Last edit: 13/11/2016
Approved: 13/11/2016

In addition to the objectives specified in the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance, there are also specific objectives for this programme. Graduates from the programme shall…

Knowledge and understanding

  • Demonstrate deep knowledge of established and newer theories and models within the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, as a complement to and an extension of previously acquired technical and scientific knowledge
  • Demonstrate deep knowledge of how new economic enterprises are initiated and run, the role of entrepreneurship and innovation in the economy, and the requirements of innovative enterprise in relation to management and organisation
  • Demonstrate deep knowledge of scientific and practical methods for assessing, developing and running creative and innovative projects, either within existing companies or through the creation of a new enterprise

Skills and abilities

  • Demonstrate the ability to generate ideas for, develop, plan and implement an innovative economic enterprise
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply theories of entrepreneurship and innovation in a creative way, thus developing practical applications
  • Demonstrate the ability to address different issues relating to management, planning and organisation that arise in the implementation of innovative projects
  • Demonstrate skills in managing the start-up and development of an innovative enterprise, both as an individual actor and as part of a team

Ability to make judgments and adopt a standpoint

  • Have a reflective and open approach which acknowledges that entrepreneurship and innovation have ethical, social and societal aspects
  • Show a level of responsibility with regard to the tasks of an entrepreneur or an innovation leader, including issues related to social responsibility and sustainable development
  • Demonstrate analytical skills as well as the ability to think reflexively and critically in relation to established theory and practice
  • Demonstrate active engagement when faced with the possibility of running an innovative enterprise

The KTH local Degree Ordinance can be found in the KTH regulatory framework,