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Masterprogram, elektrofysik (TELFM), Utbildningsplan för kull HT2010

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For eligibility requirements and selection methods, see KTH’s admission policy,

Basic admission requirements

Basic eligibility to be accepted to the master’s program requires a completed Bachelor's degree, corresponding to a Swedish Bachelor's degree (180 higher education credits), or equivalent academic qualifications with at least 60 ECTS credits of course work in electrical engineering or physics  from an internationally recognised university. Students should have in addition, good knowledge in English, oral and written, is required. Applicants must provide proof of their proficiency in English. Specific admission requirements for Electrophysics are:

  • at least 30 ECTS credits of course work in mathematics including calculus, vector algebra, differential equations, numerical methods
  • courses in basic electromagnetics and mechanics

The specific eligibility requirements can be assessed as not-fulfilled if:

1. the average grade is less than 75% of the highest grade.
2. the degree awarding institution is not considered to meet acceptable quality standards by the authorities of the country in which the institution is located.
3. the degree does not qualify for admission to equivalent Master level in the country where the degree is awarded. The selection process for Electrophysics is based on a total evaluation of the following criteria: university ranking and grade point average, personal motivation, letters of recommendation, course work and professional experience related to the programme.