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Masterprogram, geodesi och geoinformatik (TGEGM), Utbildningsplan för kull HT2009

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General admission requirements

 The general admission requirements are the same for all programmes General admission requirements (

Specific admission requirements

The specific requirements may be assessed as not fulfilled if

  1. the average grade is in the lower third on the grading scale used (above pass level)
  2. the degree awarding institution is not considered to meet acceptable quality standards by the authorities of the country in which the institution is located
  3. the degree does not qualify for admission to equivalent Master level in the country where the degree is awarded

Specific eligibility requirements for this master programme are documented proof of (through university-level studies):

  • basic knowledge in surveying and mapping
  • good knowledge and practical skills in computer science, especially in computer programming
  • good knowledge in mathematics including mathematical analysis, linear algebra and mathematical statistics.

Selection criteria for the master programme are: previous BSc/MSc degree, university, grade of previous course work and relevant working experiences. Documented excellency in mathematics or computer programming is a recognized merit. The students are  required a good knowledge of English, equivalent to Eng B.