Architecture for Construction Engineers (ABYI)

TheArchitecture for Construction Engineersspecialisation will give you an understanding of the working methods and tools used by architects. Courses give you insight into planning issues, design, construction details, and you will work more closely with CAD and BIM. You will learn to create property documents containing key data for measurement techniques. You will also have the opportunity to take a lighting and acoustics course, a project course that covers lighting in a building that contains various activities.

Construction (ANL)

TheConstruction Worksspecialisation will give you specialised knowledge in several key areas in civil engineering. The development of infrastructure in society results in very large construction works such as roads, bridges, tunnels, docks, and water and sewage systems. The construction works include new productions, repairs, and maintenance on existing works. You will gain specialised knowledge in planning for buildings, construction works, roads, railroads, water supply and sewage, as well as the importance of creating operation and maintenance plans.

Property Development and Installation Coordination (FUIS)

TheProperty Development and Installation Coordinationspecialisation gives students more in-depth knowledge in how to increase the function, life length, and economic value of properties. Both economic and technical knowledge as well as awareness of customer needs are required to successfully manage and develop properties. The real estate sector is constantly undergoing major interesting changes. Knowledge in the importance of coordination of integrated subjects for project modelling (BIM) is required for all property development projects. For new productions and renovations, reconstructions and extensions (ROT), room investments and installations are generally the largest investments. You will learn the importance of coordination and integration.

Building, Planning and Design (HUPK)

SpecialisationBuilding, Planning and Designprovides specialised knowledge of planning for buildings and construction works. You expand your knowledge of design of constructions that use steel, wood and concrete. The specialisation concludes with a planning course, in which students plan, calculate, and draw the structure of a building or civil engineering construction.

Production / Construction Management and Economics (PBEO)

In theProduction, Construction Management and Economicsspecialisation, students study courses in production, production management, logistics, leadership, and quality assurance for constructional and civil engineering constructions. You will have an assignment to plan various construction and infrastructure projects, taking into account various construction and production methods.