Last edit: 29/11/2021
Approved: 29/11/2021

General admission requirements and the following special admission requiremenst must be fulfilled in order to be admitted:

Smart Cities (SMCS)

Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering or mechanical engineering. Degrees in Sciences, Economics or Management are eligible, but may be subject to preparatory courses.

Smart Electrical Networks and Systems (SENS)

• electrical engineering (including three phase electrical circuits or machines) equivalent to 60 higher education credits

• mathematics (calculus, numerical methods, algebra, probability theory) equivalent to at least 30 higher education credits.

Renewable Energy (RENE) 

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical or Chemical Engineering and related disciplines

Coursework in engineering thermodynamics, heat transfer, and fluid mechanics, with 6 hp as the approximate minimum threshold.

 Nuclear Energy (NUEY)  

Bachelor degree (180 ECTS) in Engineering Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Chemical Engineering, or Power Engineering.

Selection process

The selection process is handled by the coordinating institution of each track. However it should be in accordance with KTH's admission regulations.