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In order to be eligible to apply to the master’s programme, a bachelor’s degree or corresponding degree in the first level within Engineering Physics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics or equivalent of at least 180 ECTS, must be completed. The degree must contain courses in Mathematics, Physics, Computing and Electronics equivalent to at least 60 ECTS. The 60 ECTS must contain at least 25 credits in Mathematics, 15 credits in Physics, 10 credits in Computing and 5 credits in Electronics.

The selection to the programme is based on the evaluation of the following criteria: grades in the bachelor courses with extra weight on courses relevant to the programme , ranking  of university/higher education institute where the bachelor degree was earned, proposal to the potential master thesis project (max 1000 words) with extra weight on the topics relevant to the programme, CV, personal letter with motivation of the choice of programme.

For students who earned a bachelor degree without defending a thesis, a summary of a chosen project should be submitted.