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Masterprogram, ingenjörstillämpad matematik (TITMM), Utbildningsplan för kull HT2015

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The N5TeAM programmeis a two-year (120 ECTS credits) master program on the advanced level (second cycle). The instruction language is English. 

The first year can be taken at any of the partner universities and consists of conditionally elective core courses providing basic knowledge and skills but also preparing for the specialization (track) that the student follows during the second year. The second year is taken at another partner university. The following eight specializations are offered:


  •  biocomputing


  • numerical ananlysis


  • applied mathematical analysis
  • cryptology and coding theory


  • stochastics
  • PDE


  • computational and spatial statistics
  • computational mechanics, geosciences, and geometric integration

Core courses and specialization courses comprise at least 90 ECTS credits. A requirement for the degree is the successful completion of a course providing complementary skills (Philosophy, Economy, Finance, Research Methodology, Management, etc.) in the amount of 7,5–10 ECTS (which are part of the above mentioned 90 ECTS). This course can be taken at either university. The concluding degree project within the chosen specialization comprises 30 ECTS credits.