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Basic eligibility requirements

The basic admission requirements are the same for all master programmes:

Specific eligibility requirements

A BSc in Naval Architecture, Vehicle Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Physics or similar is required. A BEng in similar areas might be considered on an individual basis. The applicant’s qualifications must include a strong working knowledge of mathematics and mechanics fulfilling the following minimum requirements:

  • Mathematics: 25 ECTS including linear algebra, calculus, differential equations and numerical methods.
  • Structure mechanics and materials: 12 ECTS

Moreover, the applicant must have sufficient qualifications within elementary programming using e.g. MATLAB or a similar programming language.The BSc (or BEng) Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) must be at least 70% of the scale maximum.

Selection process

For applicants fulfilling the above requirements the ranking is done based on a total evaluation of the following criteria: University, Grade Point Average (GPA), motivation letter, and letter of recommendation. Courses on other relevant topics such as probability and statistics and fluid mechanics as well as relevant work experience are considered as additional qualifications.