Last edit: 21/02/2020
Approved: 21/02/2020

General admission requirementsare:

  •   a degree on the first level consisting of at least 180 higher education credits or a corresponding foreign degree. 
  • In addition, good knowledge in English, oral and written, is required.

The following special admission requiremenst must be fulfilled in order to be admitted:

Previous education must include basic mathematics courses in linear algebra, calculus in one and several variables, probability theory and computer science. The student must also have taken a course in signals and systems including material about about time-continuous and time-discrete systems, sampling, linear filters and systems, transform methods (Laplace and Z) and a course in control engineering. The above can also be described as the student to have completed courses corresponding to the following of KTH courses:

  • SF1624 Algebra and Geometry
  • SF1625 Calculus in One Variable
  • SF1626 Calculus in Several Variables
  • SF1901 Probability Theory and Statistics
  • SF1634 Differential Equations II
  • EL1110 Automatic Control, General Course
  • DD1343 Computer Science and Numerical Methods, part 1

The selection process is based on the following selection criteria: University, previous studies (grades in specific subjects and English), motivation for the studies (for instance letter of motivation, references, thesis proposal and relevant work experience). The evaluation scale is 1-75.